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  • Betty DeVisser

    Kid's Hope Director

    Kathy is a gifted speaker who speaks from what God has placed on her heart. She speaks with grace, clarity,honesty, and humor. I am always blessed when I attend an event where she speaks.

  • Julie Crane

    I’ve been with Kathy when her calm, steady voice transports you into the Spirit’s presence. She has a way about her that helps you to focus on the present moment… and that moment being with God. I’ve also been with Kathy when she is silly and zany and takes you right to the heart of the matter in a very real, “I can relate to that” way. She is captivating. She is knowledgeable. She is professional. She is fun. Most importantly, she is God-centered and goes wherever He leads.

  • Sue Ann Clark

    Moderator, Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage

    Kathy has been a member of the Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage Fourth Day for several years serving the community in various positions of leadership. Her gifts of sharing God’s love through presentation have been sought after repeatedly – she connects with her audience in a special way be it through a talk or in her theatrical gifts.  In the spring Kathy facilitated a day long workshop of the Leadership Council guiding us to look deep at the mission of MPP – her guidance was invaluable as we drafted a statement of our vision for the future.

  • Teresa Lasher

    “I appreciate Kathy’s cheerful, positive Christ-like attitude and fun-loving spirit. She takes her writing seriously and knows the business.
    Kathy Bruins helped me tremendously when I needed an extra pair of editing eyes. She saw things I hadn’t noticed or thought of while editing my own chapters. I would definitely utilize her services in the future when the occasion arises. "

    Teresa’s Blog

  • Jamie Hope

    I have a complete manuscript I have been soliciting.  I hadn’t had much of a response before taking this class.  I met with two of the top five Christian publishers during the conference after redoing my proposal as a result of your class (I had even already bought a book on book proposals from a very sought after guru in the Christian publishing world).  One of the publishing companies said my proposal was great and he thought I might have something and wanted me to forward on my manuscript to his acquisitions editor.  The other, although it was not what they were looking for said my proposal was so well done I could teach a class on it!  She also said that she expected I would have no problems selling my book.  Thank you very much it was well worth it!

  • Gene Koon

    Prior to the Maranatha Writers Conference a pre-session class was held on writing book proposals.  I was able to bring my already prepared proposal to have it both reviewed and refined.  We were given invaluable information that ultimately gave us an edge when presenting our projects to potential publishers, editors, and agents.    As a direct result of the proposal writing class I was able to pitch my story idea and had requests to send the proposal to two companies. 
    I would recommend this class to anyone desiring to further their story idea with a well written and polished book proposal. 
    Thank you

  • Kim de Blecourt

    Author of "Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother's Courage, a Race to Freedom"

    No matter the topic, Kathy Bruins delivers an inspired and thought-provoking talk. I love listening to her speak! Thank you, Kathy, for sharing God’s word with us.

  • Roger Grandia

    RCA Pastor

    You have been such an incredible Rector! (Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage #7) Your gifts of leadership, compassion, and creativity have been so evident!

  • Mary Okkema

    Christ Memorial Church

    When you introduced the topic of the Tabernacle, my heart quickened. Through much study of the OT in the language and The Land, I have come to appreciate any symbol of God’s presence. God used you to bring us into the Holy of Holies by demonstrating the importance of the progression and steps necessary to meet Him there.

  • Ann

    At Christ Memorial Church

    Kathy, I spoke to after the presentation. The message was holy unto my soul. With all the tremendous care of the mission of Jesus Christ for each one of us, the oncoming darkness is suffocating as we see the fading of what we were so sure of in our faith. Then you speak out the divine hope and joy that we are Christ’s own being, the universal Body of the Bride. There hidden in the ancient tabernacle is the hidden message of who we are, like pure gold because of the cross of Jesus our very own Savior. Your message was a treasure for the soul. We are so blessed and thank you.

  • Dr Emily Edwards

    Living Hope Publishing

    “Kathy is a very bright and wonderful woman with a heart for God. She really sought to understand the direction I was going with my book, and did everything to help me reach my goal. Kathy came up with very valuable analogies and ideas. Additionally, she is extremely well versed in the Scriptures. Kathy is excellent in finding grammatical errors, and improving textual flow of the material. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for reasonable editing services with a Christian perspective.” Author of “Ready & Waiting” (A Biblical Approach to Singleness, Dating, and Preparation For Marriage), www.livinghopepublishing.com

  • Ellen Ratmeyer

    Coord. of Consistory Training and Ministry Services, Reformed Church in America

    Kathy’s creative gifts of writing, facilitating and leading groups are grounded in a spirituality which can best be described as faithful. Her quiet and gentle spirit provide a safe place for story and faith sharing. She is grounded in a life of prayer and brings her own experiences to her leadership. I especially appreciate Kathy’s wonderful sense of humor which she carries with a spirit of compassion and grace. It’s always a delight to work with her.

  • Jamee Deruso

    Rock Rite Entertainment

    Kathy is a delight to work with and we have already hired her for another project. We highly recommend her!

  • Mary Martha Melenday

    Dir. of Adult Ministries, First Presbyterian Church

    We are still in the ‘afterglow’ of the wonderful Spiritual Spa Day the women of our church experienced under your guidance and leadership…I can’t remember when such an event has had such fantastic response…women are still talking about it!