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Book Proposal Workshop

Hosted by published authors, Kathy Bruins and Kim de Blecourt. The studio is for writers with a book-length manuscript to present to editors during the conference. For a nominal fee, participants will work side by side with Kathy and Kim to craft a professional book proposal (or One Sheet) for the conference.

A book proposal has a specific format and must answer the questions on an editor’s mind. As an author, you must answer:

  1. What is the topic and message of your book and what is the take-away value?
  2. Who is your target market, who is your competition in the market, and why is your book different and better than other books on the subject? This section should include a marketing plan for your book as well.
  3. Who are you, and why are you the perfect person to write this message?

An editor wants to get right to the point, and a professional book proposal helps you to clarify your project in your own mind so you are ready to ask for publishing consideration. This will give you the confidence you need to show the publisher you are a professional and are willing to work with them with your book


Thank you so much for the excellent book proposal class. This was my first Christian writers conference and I had no idea what to expect. The information that you emailed all the participants regarding the class helped to prepare me before I ever arrived. In the class you gave the information needed to put together an articulate, artsy, and impressive one page book proposal. After the class you were extremely helpful in assisting me polish each of my four proposals. Thank you so much for your time, effort and attention to the need for this class, as well as, your kindness.
Thank you,

Susan N.

Thanks again for your workshop. I was wondering if it might become a book. Such helpful information. I needed someone to break it down for me like that. Thanks for listening to me ramble, and thanks for offering genuine care during the conference. It meant a lot.

Evelyn M.

Thank you again so much. I look forward to working with you again, when I’m ready for the “full” proposal. Good to know you’re at the end of an e-mail.
Blessing to you and yours,

Sharon M.

The FCWC was my first writer’s conference. The content and your personable presentation of the book proposal workshop helped me navigate not only this process, but also helped in countless ways during the whole conference, I appreciate you both and thank you for sharing your understanding of the process.
Jesus loves you,

Jennifer B.

This workshop was truly helpful. Writing and rewriting the pitch resulted in an much improved focus and led to a mental rewrite of a novel over half finished. While the rewrite means a lot of work, I am excited to tackle the editing and rewriting. I am eager to finish the novel and write a book proposal.

Patricia K.

Workshop Leaders

Kathy Bruins

Kathy Bruins has been a leader in ministry for over 25 years. She has a heart for people who are hurting, and desires to help...

Kim de Blecourt

Kim de Blecourt is an author, speaker and blogger. In November, 2012, her first book Until We All Come Home released nationally from FaithWords. Kim...