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A Season of God's Daily Influence - Book 1

A Season of God's Daily Influence - Book 1

Short and impacting thoughts inspired through quiet times with God. These readings give small nuggets of treasure to meditate on throughout the day. Allow yourself to be influenced by God every day. He has a treasure of insights just for you.

This book, by a member of Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage, consists of 150 brief devotionals. Each one has a descriptive title, a scriptural quote on which the devotional is based, a brief text, a prayer and a faith tip.

Kathy has dedicated this book to the pilgrims of Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage, saying that it is a “community of fellow believers that walk the journey of faith with me.”
These are good meditation catalysts, thought provokers or just plain “thinking starters.”

Kathy’s devotionals focus on the everyday, the mundane, if you will, not on the esoteric. They appear to be intended to help us understand God’s will for us in our daily living.
The fact that she has titled this effort Book 1 would seem to indicate that she intends a lot more devotionals to help us.

I downloaded my copy of the book from Amazon to my Kindle. The titles of some of the devotionals are:
Learning like kindergarten
Looking back on grace
Trusting neighbors
Don’t be scared
Shopping for bling
The pattern of choices
Do I choose the thriller or romance?
Hurting hurts for a purpose
Shout wisdom
Drop the rock
Is sin important?

I recommend it highly.

- Tom Fox, Editor of The National Presbyterian Cursillista