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Vallikett's Journey

Much of The Dakotas were unsettled, and so was Louis Vallikett. He was angry at God. He lost his job,...

The Acts of Grace

For those who are new to drama or have experience, The Acts of Grace is a powerful tool for any drama ministry that desires growth spiritually, artistically, and relationally.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Shop ‘Til You Drop is an interactive drama that all ages can be involved in. People busily shop at Miracle...

Everyday Grace Everyday Miracle

Everyday Grace Everyday Miracle shares the story of a remarkable woman who successfully remade her life in the midst of adversityand...

Secure the Fort

What started as a book of military themed devotions, Secure the Fort has turned into so much more.

Hell's Lane:The Chronicles of Jake Tanner

Ten strangers discover the reality of the consequence of their sins. Stepping onto a train thinking it's just another ordinary day out of their normal routine, they find out it's anything but normal. They are fooled and are lead to a FLAMING PORTAL that sucks them through and leads them to a mid-level of Hell. But there is one person in the group that is trying to save them... For he has been there many times before. JAKE TANNER is a Soul Protector against the DEMONS. He's an interceptor of new souls who are entering The Dead City, a vast wasteland of death and destruction where EVIL rules the NIGHT.