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Christian living

God is closer than you think!

Osaro Ogbewe

(a note from Kathy: Hi everyone! I am excited to introduce you to my new friend, Osaro Ogbewe. He lives in Nigeria and we are working on a project for the Lord together. He has a lot of wise words to share. Enjoy!)

How do you see life? Do you see life with other people’s eyes or with you own eyes fixed on God? Are your thoughts about life and living vague and complicated? Maybe you have reason to think that way, or maybe you don’t seem to be getting the best out of life. Perhaps you see and feel perplexed on every side, so to you your vague thoughts about life and even about God are justified.

Life can be fun and worth living. God’s created the earth and He affirmed that it was good. God cannot be wrong! He never will be, not now and not in your case, no matter how sympathetic it may be. But wait a minute, did I hear you say, “How do I fit into God’s plan for creation? If God truly knows about my situation and cares about me, why do I keep having issues?” 

Yes, you probably have the right questions. I ask those same questions myself sometimes, maybe frequently and even recently. In fact, over half the world’s population ask same or similar questions every now and then. But asking this kind of questions and not readily getting soothing answers does not change the fact that God had you in mind when he created the earth and He cares about what you are passing through. In fact, you were topmost in his mind and He has not change his mind ever since, neither is He about to do now, particularly as it relates to your situation.

Situations around us sometimes suggest to us that God is so far away, probably busy attending to other serious and most pressing issues far away in other countries or even other continents far away. We are even compelled by our situations to conclude that God is so uninterested in what we are going through and careless about our situations. 

But does God really care? May I tell you without any doubt or wavering of faith that God truly cares, and His wishes and thoughts for you and I is to live happy and have the best out of life. He is standing by you right now and truly supplying all you need to be fulfilled in life. He has even made provision for you to be free from all life’s problems and difficulties. His wish above all things is that you proper.

The truth is you have not recognized Him; you have not noticed His presence and embrace these provisions. Perhaps you have been too preoccupied with the issues of life and engrossed with lives’ constraints and troubles. May I tell you that if you so care and are so concern about life’s troubles, you will surely have a fare share of it.  

Look beyond your situations. Looking forward, for there is a place called forward and God dwells there. God is closer to you that you think. He is urging you to come and lean on Him, because his shoulder is big enough to accommodate everyone who cares to come. This was why He said in His word, “come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28 (KJV). Do not for any reason whatsoever give up on God because God will never give up on you! Remain blessed. 

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