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Kathy Bruins

Speaker, Writer

Kathy Bruins has been a leader in ministry for over 25 years. She has a heart for people who are hurting, and desires to help them through the journey. Her speaking topics include Spiritual Spa Day (Beauty from the Inside Out … there is also a young girl’s version for ages 6-12), Freedom through Forgiveness, Emotional Pockets, Prayer, Leadership and Encouragement for the Journey of Cancer. This is by no means the limit to topics she has, and she is always creating more.

Being a ghostwriter, Kathy enjoys having helped others in telling their story. She has worked with well-known people, organizations, and people who have been given a story to share. She also writes articles, fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, skits, devotionals and curriculum.

Drama has always been a passion of Kathy’s as she has been leading a drama team for over fifteen years, and writes many of her own scripts. She implements drama into her speaking engagements when possible.

Holland is home for Kathy and her husband, John. Their dog, Charlie, a yellow lab, many times gives Kathy material to use in her writing and speaking.

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